Premium Grade 5’0-5’7” Grand Pianos with an adjustable Artist Bench can be purchased at BHA between $7,000. – $9,000. on sale. In order to help you make an informed decision when making your Grand Piano purchase I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between a Premium and Promotional Grade Grand Piano.

I will explain the key elements to look for in deciding which Grand Piano is the best fit for you.

Contrary to what you might think you don’t want to go to the front of the piano and just look at the brand name. A lot of the brand name Grand Pianos that you would recognize make a Premium and a Promotional Grade Piano.

Secondly, you want to look for the Aliquot Bar located in the higher Treble section.  This Aliquot Bar creates a harmonic overtone. When you strike a key the Hammer strikes a String, and the String vibrates the Bridge like a guitar or a violin.  The bridge then vibrates the Sound Board. The Bridge creates the major tone, and the Aloquit Bar creates the harmonic overtone. It’s a subtle tone at first. It allows you to hear a beautiful singing tone in the higher Treble area. Upright Pianos do not have an Aloquit Bar.

Thirdly, you want to tap the large Plate.  It should have a low thudding tone if it is 100% wet cast iron. The other type of cast iron Plate is called a dry cast Plate.  It is made with an alloy material. When hitting the dry cast plate it will create a metallic overtone.

Fourthly, you will want to check the Outer and Inner Rims of the Piano.  This is what the Sound Board connects to. It is also what the cast iron Plate is bolted to.  These Rims have three basic functions. They give the Piano it’s overall strength, tuning stability, and reflects the sound producing energy.  The Premium Grade Grand Piano’s Rims have more of a dense wood.

Once you have checked these four items it is time to move to the front of the Piano.  Don’t be intimated if you aren’t a player. Some of the people that don’t play have the best ears I’ve always found.  Once you are seated on the bench in front of the Piano strike the third key from the left in the Bass section. This is a C note and is a good note to start. Once you have struck that key a couple of times strike the keys to the right of C one at a time.  You should hear a dark, resonate, deep tone. From here move to the middle C and strike one key at a time again. You want to hear an expressive rich tone. The tone should sustain for about 30 seconds. Moving to the Treble section repeat the steps again.  You should hear a clear bell like ringing Treble sound. These are the sounds that you want out of your Piano. Premium Grand Pianos are five feet and up.

Promotional Grade Pianos have a narrow tail.  They do not have an Aloquit Bar. Consequently, you won’t have the melodic overtone.  When you tap on the Plate you will hear a hollow bongo type sound. This creates an over ringing.  The Inner and Outer Rim is made of a lesser quality wood. If you perform the same steps on the front of the Piano that you did on the Premium Grade Grand Piano you will hear that these Pianos have a more brittle tone.  The overtone is wavy, and the sound does not sustain.

Premium Grade 5’0-5’7” Grand Pianos with an adjustable Artist Bench can be purchased at BHA between $7,000. – $9,000. on sale.

I hope this article was helpful.

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